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We start by helping building owners understand the complexities and financial hurdles required to build a commercial solar system on their building. We then look to find the most efficient and cost effective means of lowering your energy costs. We have an extensive background in general construction which allows us to evaluate projects from a broader view; we take into consideration the inherent difficulties and differences that each building possesses, and then help you decide what the best and most cost effective approach is. The majority of solar companies provide a building owner with a simplistic solar layout of the system they can provide or fit on their building or land, coupled with a return on investment calculation. The problem with this approach is that most solar companies do not help the building owner recognize the inherent differences every building has: different weight load capacities, different wind exposure zones, different roof types and roof ages. All of these building variations can adversely affect the cost and type of solar system a building owner can install on their building. We understand the inherent complexities of each building through construction due diligence and industry experience allowing us to accurately forecast the true construction cost of your solar system.

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