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After several years in the solar industry, our team realized the financial hardships that an engineering, procurement and construction solar company faced. The amount of overhead spent on engineers, analyst, designers, field employees and a large administrative staff over the life cycle of a commercial project is unsustainable. In 2011, we created Green Arch Solar, a residential and commercial solar company with the intent of driving down solar project costs. We subcontract all analysis, engineering and design work to our carefully selected strategic partners. While at different companies, the principals of Green Arch Solar have successfully built more than 570 solar projects totaling over 14 megawatts of commercial, residential and utility scale solar projects. Green Arch Solar has the expertise to design and specify project specific technologies and installation methods for rooftops, ground mounts, carports and single-axis tracking ground mount systems.

With a deep belief in building the most efficient combination of systems, we look to specify the most durable, robust and cost effective solution for your building or site. Working in conjunction with Flaherty Brothers Construction, Inc., F&W Roofing, Inc. and Flaherty Real Estate, Inc., Green Arch Solar has a multifaceted approach which differentiates itself from any other solar integrator. Green Arch Solar cannot only build your solar system; we can also oversee any general construction, roofing, land aquistion and building efficiency upgrades needed throughout your project. We take pride in understanding the synergistic fundamentals between solar integrators, general contractors and real estate professionals. We have the understanding, industry contacts and supply chain to complete any photovoltaic project ranging from the most complex utility scale solar system, to the most basic commercial and residential solar system. Green Arch Solarís business partners are the top tier manufacturers whom offer a wide range of products ensuring an ample variety of technologies for our clients.

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